Military Family and Life

Here you will find self-help books, books for counselors and therapists, and books for families about the many aspects of life in the military. These titles can be used during therapy for information or as conversation starters (bibliotherapy). Note: books for children are marked grade level appropriate.

  • Materials for Children
  • Materials for Teens
  • Materials for Adults and Professionals

Materials for Children

This includes materials for children up through 5th grade. Picture books that overlap into higher grades will be found here. Chapter books (fiction and nonfiction) that overlap into higher grades will be found in the Materials for Middle School List below.

ERC PROF BK U766 .A47 2007 Check Availability
Andrews, B. (2007). I miss you! : A military kids' book about deployment. Amherst, NY: Prometheus Books.
Created by a social worker, this tool is useful for helping military dependents learn to deal with the many emotions caused by having a parent deployed. Gr. PreS-3.

ERC PROF BK UB403.B55 2012 Check Availability
Biden, J. (2012). Don't forget, God bless our troops. New York: Simon & Schuster.
Five-year-old Natalie describes what family life is like when a parent is at war across the world. Gr. PreS-3.

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .B57 Oc 2008 Check Availability
Bishop, R.H. & Barth, C. (2008). The ocean between us. Bloomington, IN: Author House.
Sophia is a military child whose single mother is being deployed to Iraq. The love of her grandparents and the ocean with its sandy beaches brings comfort to Sophia during her mother's absence. Gr. PreS-3.

ERC PROF BK D671 .B75 2005 Check Availability
Brill, M.T. (2005). Veteran's Day (On My Own Holidays). Minneapolis: Carolrhoda Books.
Learn about the history of the day set aside to honor the men and women who served in the U.S. armed forces and how it is celebrated. Gr. Pre-3.

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .B78046 So 2010 Check Availability
Brisson, P. (2010). Sometimes we were brave. Honesdale, PA: Boyds Mills Press, Inc.
Jerome's mother is a sailor in the U.S. Navy, and when she is away at sea he tries to be brave even though he misses her and has some bad days. Gr. Pre-3.

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .B91527 Wal 1990 Check Availability
Bunting, E. (1990). The wall. New York: Clarion Books.
A boy and his father come from far away to visit the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC and find the name of the boy's grandfather, who was killed in the conflict. Gr. K-3.

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .C1865 He 2012 Check Availability
Carbone, E. (2012). Heroes of the surf. New York: Viking.
When the huge steamship in which they are traveling runs aground off the New Jersey coast in 1882, two boys and their families are among the passengers dramatically rescued by members of the U.S. Life Saving Service, the predecessor of the U.S. Coast Guard. Gr. PreS-3.

ERC PROF BK PZ8.3 .C2675 Dbi 2010 Check Availability
Casey, C. (2010). Dear Baby, I'm watching over you. Lanham, MD: Dear Baby Books.
A tender letter from parents in the armed forces to their children about all the ways they remain connected while apart and why they chose to serve their country. Gr. PreS-3.

ERC PROF BK E178.3 .C49 2002 Check Availability
Cheney, L. (2002). America: a patriotic primer. New York: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.
Each letter of the alphabet is represented by important people, ideas, and events in the history of the United States. Gr. 2-6.

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .C47 Myd 2003 Check Availability
Christiansen, R. (2007). My dad's a hero. Tarentum, PA: Word Association Publishers.
A reflection of life as a military child, this book helps to find the best things about this way of life. Gr. PreS-3.

ERCP ROF BK PZ7 .C6628 My 2005x Check Availability
Cohen, M. (2005). My big brother. New York: Star Bright Books, Inc.
When his big brother leaves to become a soldier, a boy does what he can to take his place in the family. Gr. Pre-3.

ERC PROF BK UA943.D45 2005 Check availability
Demarest, C.L. (2005). Alpha bravo charlie: The military alphabet. New York: Margaret K. McElberry Books/Simon & Schuster.
Bright colors are used to illustrate this alphabet book about the military. Gr. PreS-3.

ERC PROF BK VG53.D46 2004 Check availability
Demarest, C.L. (2004). Mayday Mayday! a Coast Guard rescue. New York: margaret K. McElderry Books/Simon & Schuster.
Rhyming text and illustrations show how the U.S. Coast Guard uses aircraft and a rescue swimmer to respond to a call for help. Gr. PreS-3.

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .D3932 I 2009 Check Availability
Demille, K. (2009). I wish daddy was here. Mustang, OK: Tate Publishing.
A young girl describes life with her father on deployment. Gr. PreS-1.

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .D84955 Pi 2003 Check Availability
Duble, K. B. (2003). Pilot Mom. Watertown, MA: Charlesbridge.
Jenny and her best friend K.C. accompany Jenny's mother, a tanker pilot in the Air Force, to the air base, where they explore her plane, a KC-135, prior to her departure on a training mission to Europe. Gr. PreS-3.

ERC PROF BK PZ7.E335 Nig 2005 Check availability
Ehrmantraut, B. (2005). Night catch. Aberdeen, SD: Bubble Gum Press.
When a soldier's work takes him half-way around the world, he enlists the help of the North Star for a nightly game of catch with his son. Gr. PreS-1.

ERC PROF BK DS 79.766 .F35 A4 2009 Check Availability
Falvey, D. (2009). Letters to a soldier. Tarrytown, NY: Marshall Cavendish.
Lt. Falvey responds to letters from a fourth grade class, answering their questions about him and describing what life is like for him in Iraq in 2008. Gr. 3-6

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .F357 Dad 2003 Check Availability
Ferguson-Cohen, M. (2002). Daddy, you're my hero! New York: Little Redhead Girl Publishing.
One of the first picture books about military deployment for children, this board book offers unique insights into the heart of a military child. Gr. PreS-2.

ERC PROF BK PZ7.H21772 Her 2010b Check Availability
Hardin, M. (2010). Hero Dad. New York: Scholastic.
A child demonstrates that while Dad differs from a traditional superhero. as an American soldier he is a superhero of a different kind. Gr. PreS-K.

ERC PROF BK UB403 .L32 2009 Check Availability
LaBelle, J. (2009). My dad's deployment: A deployment and reunion activity book for young children. St. Paul, MN: Elva Resa Book.
These mazes, games, and other activities will give young children a safe way to ask questions, talk about their feelings, and feel connected to a deployed parent. Gr. PreS-3.

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .L662 Da 2009 Check Availability
Linhart, S.M. (2009). Daddy's boots. Canon City, CO: LionHeart Group Publishing.
A touching story of a young boy who hides his father's boots so he won't be able to deploy with the military. Gr. PreS-1.

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .L662 Mo 2010 Check Availability
Linhart, S.M. (2005). Momma's boots. Canon City, CA: LionHeart Group Publishing.
This is a loving description of a few quiet moments between a mother and her child, as Momma prepares to deploy for her job with the military. Gr. PreS-1.

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .M19815 My 2008 Check Availability
Mackenzie, R.H. (2008). My sailor dad. Jacksonville Beach, FL: High Pitched Hum Publishing.
Written by a Naval Officer, this story details the many things that sailors do for their country while on deployment as part of a ship's crew. Gr. PreS-2.

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .M37 Li 2012 Check Availability
Marler, J. (2012). Lily hates goodbyes. Portland, OR: Quincy Companion Books.
Lily's military Daddy is deployed. She copes with scary feelings, finds ways to feel connected to him while she waits, and rejoices in his homecoming. Gr. PreS-3.

ERC PROF BK U766 .M39 2010 Check Availability
Maxwell, S. (2010). Our daddy is invincible! Bowie, MD: 4th Division Press.
Children learn to accept and love their daddy after he was wounded in military action, even though he can't do everything he used to do.
Gr. PreS-3.

ERC PROF BK PZ7.M1217 My 2008 Check Availability
McBride, S.G. (2008). My mommy wears combat boots. Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse.
Written by an Army veteran, this story helps a young child sort out her feelings of separation from her mother. Gr. PreS-2.

ERC PROF BK PZ8.3 .M47 Yel 2005 Check Availability
Merisowsky, A. (2005). A yellow ribbon for Daddy. Phoenix, AZ: Veritas Media Inc.
Written by an Army wife, this book answers questions that young children might have about why their fathers have gone to fight in a war. Gr. PreS-K.

ERC PROF BK PZ7.M54 2010 Check Availability
Military life: Stories and poems for children. (2010). St. Paul, MN: Elva Resa Publishing.
A collection of stories and poems about life in a military family, told from a child's point of view. Gr. PreS-3.

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .M992 Pat 2002 Check Availability
Myers, W.D. (2002). Patrol: An American soldier in Vietnam. New York: HarperCollins.
A frightened American soldier faces combat in the lush forests of Vietnam. Gr. K-6.

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .N7842 St 2009 Check Availability
Norman, G. (2009). Stars above us. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons.
A little girl's father helps her get over her fear of the dark before he goes off to war, and she uses the stars they painted on her ceiling to remind her of him while he is away. Gr. PreS-3.

ERC PROF BK PZ7.P195 Lo 2010 Check Availability
Panier, K. (2010). Love spots. Milwaukee, WI: Mirror Publishing.
A reassuring story for children of military parents, as it gives an "explanation" for the spots on camouflage uniforms -- each is tied into a family memory. Gr. PreS-2.

ERC PROF BK PZ7.P3683 Wh 2004 Check Availability
Pelton, M.L. (2004). When Dad's at sea. Morton Grove, IL: Albert Whitman & Company.
Emily, whose father is a Navy pilot, has to deal with the separation of her family while her dad is deployed aboard a ship. Gr. K-3.

ERC PROF BK PZ7.R1955 Am 2005 Check Availability
Raven, M.T. (2005). America's white table. Ann Arbor, MI: Sleeping Bear Press.
Three children set a special white table in memory of service members fallen or missing in action, and especially in honor of their Uncle John, a POW in Vietnam. Gr. K-5.

ERC PROF BK PZ7.R24489 Wi 2008 Check Availability
Redman, M. (2008). The wishing tree. St. Paul, MN: Elva Resa Publihsing.
When her father leaves for a deployment, to try to make the waiting easier for herself, Amanda decides to make a wishing tree. Includes instructions and information about wishing trees. Gr. K-3.

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .R933 Co 2014 Check Availability
Ruth, G. (2014). Coming home. New York: Feiwel & Friends/Macmillan.
Follows the emotions of a young boy as he waits at an airport for a family member to return home from serving in the military. PreS-3.

ERC PROF BK PZ7.S4 Bo 2009 Check Availability
Sather, M.L. (2009). Boo Boo Bear's mission. Edina, MN: Beaver's Pond Press, Inc.
Shea Leigh's father is deployed to fly planes in support of the war. She send a teddy bear to him to keep him from being lonely. Gr. PreS-2.

ERC PROF BK PZ7.S62585 Imp 2007 Check Availability
Skeers, L. (2007). The impossible patriotism project. New York: Dial Books.
Caleb has a hard time coming up with a way to symbolize patriotism for Presidents' Day until he realizes that his dad, who is away from home in the military, is what patriotism is all about. Gr. K-3.

ERC PROF BK UB403 .S56 2006 Check Availability
Skolmoski, S. (2006). A paper hug. Self-published.
A young boy describes all the things he does to deal with the deployment of his father. Gr. PreS-2.

ERC PROF BK U53 .P69 S77 1996 Check Availability
Strazzabosco, J. (1996). Learning about responsibility from the life of Colin Powell (A Character Building Book). New York: Power Kids Press.
Teaches the value of responsibility by taking examples from the life of the African-American general, Colin Powell. Gr. 2-4.

ERC PROF BK PZ7.T4796 Ve 2005 Check Availability
Timperley, G. (2005). A very long time. Minneapolis: Interface Publishing.
This is the story of a young girl who waits for her father to return from serving in the military in a foreign country. Based on a true story. Gr. PreS-2.

ERC PROF BK PZ7.T5979 Re 2005 Check Availability
Tomp, S.W. (2005). Red, white and blue good-bye. New York: Walker and Company.
The young daughter of a Navy man does not want him to go to sea, but he points out the red flag on the mailbox, the white clouds in the sky, and the blue ocean that will reminder her of him while he is away. Gr. PreS-3.

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .W542 Sa 2007 Check Availability
White, S.L. (2007). Sammy's soldier. Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse.
Sammy's father is a soldier who leaves for deployment and is emotionally supported by letters from his father, his mother and his class. PreS-2.

Materials for Middle Schoolers and Teens

This list includes materials intended for grades 6-up, but may also extend down to 4th grade if it overlaps the two.

ERC PROF BK U750 .A33 2009 Check Availability
Adams, Simon. (2009). Soldier (DK Eyewitness Books). New York: DK Pub.
Describes the lives of soldiers from the Middle Ages to the present, discussing their training, tactics, vehicles and weapons. Gr. 4-8.

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .A58618 So 2013 Check Availability
Angus, S. (2012). Soldier dog. New York: Feiwel & Friends.
Underage Stanley runs off from his abusive father and off to find his brother who is fighting in Europe. He enlists in the Army and is assigned to the Messenger Dog Service, where he is paired with Bones, a Great Dane with a big heart. Stanley tells his heart wrenching story of trench warfare and searching for his brother. Gr. 4-8.

ERC PROF BK HV6626.5 .C4716 2009 Check Availability
Child abuse (Opposing Viewpoints). (2009). Detroit: Greenhaven Press/Gale, Cengage Learning.
Discusses pros and cons of various issues surrounding child abuse; it includes a chapter on "Military Deployment Increases the Risk of Child Abuse." Gr. 9-up.

ERC PROF BK TL547 .C575 2012 Check Availability
Complete history of aviation: from ballooning to supersonic flight, The (Transportation and Society). New York: Rosen Educational Services.
Presents a history of aeronautics that covers balloons, airships, propeller driven planes, jet planes, helicopters, hang gliders, and ultralight craft, as well as information about the airports that are created for their use. Gr. 6-up.

ERC PROF BK VE23 .C737 2012 Check Availability
Cook, C. R. (2012). Your career in the Marines (The Call of Duty: Careers in the Armed Forces). New York: Rosen Educational Services.
Presents a guide to careers in the United States Marine Corps, covering what to expect from the recruitment process and basic training, as well as the different career paths available. Gr. 6-8.

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .D75455 Sh 2008 Check Availability
Dowell, F.O. (2008). Shooting the moon. New York: Atheneum/Simon & Schuster.
When her brother is set to fight in Vietnam, twelve-year-old Jame begins to reconsider the army world that she has grown up in. Gr. 4-8.

ERC PROF BK VG87 .F86 2011 Check Availability
Funk, J. (2011). An inside look at the U.S. Navy Seals. New York: Scholastic.
A look at the Navy's elite, amphibious stealth forces known as the SEALs. Gr. 4-6.

ERC PROF BK V63 .G74 A3 2012b Check Availability
Greitens, E. (2012). The warrior's heart: Becoming a man of compassion and courage. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.
An adaptation of Greiten's best-selling memoir, he discusses how we can all make a difference. Gr. 6-up.

ERC PROF BK PS8563 .U365 W37 2008 Check Availability
Guest, J. (2008). War games. Toronto, Ontario: James Lorimer & Co., Ltd.
When Ryan Taber's father is off on his first tour of duty with the Canadian Armed Forces in Afghanistan, he is thrilled to be away from his overbearing father. He becomes entangled in a world of deceit at the local gaming cafe and is forced to come to terms with the extreme risks his father is facing overseas in this riveting story about confronting the effects of violence, both virtual and real. Gr. 9-up.

ERC PROF BK UB403 .H37 2010 Check Availability
Hart, J. (2010). Frequently asked questions about being part of a military family (FAQ: Teen Life). New York: Rosen Publishing.
Overview of life as a military child, covering issues about coping with moving, adjusting to new home, deployment and careers in the military. Gr. 4-8.

ERC PROF BK UB403 .H37 2010 Check Availability
Hall, J. (2010). Frequently asked questions about being part of a military family (Teen Life series). New York: Rosen.
Covers the topics what it is like being part of a military family, coping with relocation, strategies for adjusting to moves, what to expect during a deployment, and military careers. Gr. 5-8.

ERC NON PRNT PN1997.2 .L54 2011 Check Availability
Lifted. (2011). New York: Screen Media Films.
This is the story of Henry, a middle school student and talented singer, whose happy family life is disrupted when his father, a Marine, is sent to Afghanistan, and despite all his obstacles including losing the family home and being forced to move in with his grandfather who hates his music, is inspired to enter a teen singing competition in the hopes of winning and escaping a world that is falling apart. (DVD, 94 min.) Rated PG-13.

ERC PROF BK PZ7.M2857 On 2008 Check Availability
Madison, A. (2008). 100 days and 99 nights. New York: Little Brown.
As Esme introduces her stuffed animal collection that is alphabetically arranged from Alvin the aardvark to Zelda the zebra she also relates her family military life and her father's deployment. Gr. 3-5.

ERC PROF BK UB403 .M37 2012 Check Availability
Marler, J. (2012). Helping your young child cope with a parent's deployment. Portland, OR: Quincy Companion Books.
This lively and practical guide for military parents offers advice to prepare and during deployment. Adults, for use with PreS-6.

Mazer, H. [Adam Pelko/Boy at War Trilogy.] New York: Simon & Schuster. Gr. 5-up.
  • ERC PROF BK PZ7.M47397 Bo 2001x Check Availability
    A boy at war: a novel of Pearl Harbor. (2001). While fishing with his friends off Honolulu on December 7, 1941, teenaged Adam is caught in the midst of the Japanese attack and through the chaos of the subsequent days tries to find his father, a naval officer who was serving on the U.S.S. Arizona when the bombs fell.
  • ERC PROF BK PZ7 .M47397 Br 2006 Check Availability
    A boy no more. (2004). Adam, his mother and sister are evacuated from Hawaii to California, where he must deal with his feeling about the war, Japanese internment camps, his father's death and his own identity.
  • ERC PROF BK PZ7.M47397 Hc 2007 Check Availability
    Heroes don't run: a novel of the Pacific war. (2005). To honor his father, seventeen-year-old Adam eagerly enlists in the Marines in 1944, survives boot camp, and faces combat on the tiny island of Okinawa.

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .M47397 Sns 2012 Check Availability
Mazer, H. (2012). Somebody, please tell me who I am. New York: Simon & Schuster.
Wounded in Iraq while his Army unit is on convoy and treated for many months for traumatic brain injury, the first person Ben remembers from his earlier life is his autistic brother. Gr. 7-up.

ERC NONPRNT DS559.72 .M98 2011 Check Availability
My Vietnam, your Iraq. (2010). New York: PBS Distribution.
This film connects these two wars with little attention paid to divisive politics, choosing instead to focus on the personal stories of eight Vietnam veterans whose own children have served in Iraq. (DVD, 60 min.) Gr. 9-up.

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .M992 Fal 1988 Check Availability
Myers, W.D. (1988). Fallen angels. New York: Scholastic.
Seventeen-year-old Richie Perry, just out of his Harlem high school, enlists in the Army in the summer of 1967 and spends a devastating year on active duty in Vietnam. Gr. 9-up.

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .M992 Su 2010 Check Availability
Myers, W.D. (2010). Sunrise over Fallujah. New York: Scholastic.
Robin "Birdy" Perry, a new army recruit from Harlem, isn't quite sure why he joined the army, but hes sure where he's headed: Iraq. Birdy and the others in his battalion are supposed to secure and stabilize the country and successfully interact with the Iraqi people. Officially, the cod name for heir maneuvers is Operation Iraqi Freedom. The young men and women in his unit have a simpler name or it: WAR. Gr. 9-up.

ERC NONPRNT UA25 .P76 2004 Check Availability
Proud to serve: The men and women of the U.S. Army. (2004). New York PBS Home Video.
This documentary salutes the men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting the U.S. It includes interviews with veteran and former Senator Bob Dole, basketball star/Army "brat" Shaquille O'Neal, and many others. (DVD, 60 min.) Gr. 9-up.

ERC PROF BK UH100.P38 2012 Check Availability
Patent, D.H. (2012). Dogs on duty: Soldiers' best friends on the battlefield and beyond. New York: Walker & Co.
Documents the contributions of specially trained military dogs, profiling noteworthy canine heroes while covering such topics as how they are trained and what happens to them when they retire. Gr. 4-6.

ERC NON PRNT DS371.412 .R48 2012 Check Availability
Return salute: For those who served. (2012). New York: Discovery Communications.
This film introduces us to three veterans who are granted very special, very personal wishes upon their return from battle. (DVD, 134 min.) Gr. 9-up.

ERC NON PRNT DS559.4 .R47 2001 Check Availability
Return with honor (American Experience). (2001). New York: PBS.
This documentary tells the story of American fighter pilots shot down over North Vietnam and their dramatic transformation from self-confident Top Gun type aviators to prisoners-of-war. (DVD, 113 min.) Gr. 9-up.

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .R7534 Ou 2009 Check Availability
Rottman, S.L. (2009). Out of the blue. Atlanta: Peachtree.
After moving to Minot, North Dakota, with his mother, the new female base commander, Air Force dependent Stu Ballentyne gradually becomes aware that something terrible is going on in his neighbor's house. Gr. 5-8.

ERC PROF BK U102 .S39 2012 Check Availability
Science of war: strategies, tactics, and logistics, The (The Britannica Guide to War). (2012). New York: Britannica Educational Publishing.
Examines almost every fact of war using examples form the real world. Gr. 6-up.

ERC PROF BK UA23.S375 2010 Check Availability
Scillian, D. (2006). H is for honor: a military family alphabet. Chelsea, MI: Sleeping Bear Press.
Using an alphabet format, this picture book describes the many situations and experiences that military families, especially their children encounter. Gr. 3-8.

ERC PROF BK PZ7 .S4296 Pos 2012 Check Availability
Scotto, M. (2012). Postcards from Pismo. Beaver, PA: Midlandia Press.
What begins as a school project blossoms into a powerful friendship when Felix writes a letter to an American soldier serving in Afghanistan. The novel traces the boy's growth as he grapples with bullies, the fear arising from his older brother's enlistment in the military and the meaning of bravery itself. Gr. 4-8.

ERC PROF BK DS371.412 .S68 2011 Check Availability
Souter, J. (2011). War in Afghanistan and Iraq. New York: Scholastic.
This book answers all the important questions that children ask about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Gr. 2-5.

ERC PROF BK UB403.W428 2011 Check Availability
Weaver, S.B. (2011). Heroes! Activities for kids dealing with deployment (Rainbow Reach series). Herndon, VA: Rainbow Reach.
This workbook is meant to be used by children with assistance from an adult who can help provide comfort and assurance to kids whose parent or loved one is deployed. PreS-Gr. 8.

ERC NONPRNT DS559.73 .U6 L98 2010 Check Availability
LZ Michigan: A journey home. (2010). Grand Rapids, MI: WGVU Productions.
This documentary features the true stories of war survivors of the Vietnam Conflict, focusing on the "welcome home" celebration to promote healing. (DVD, 60 min.). Gr. 9-up.

Materials for Adults and Professionals

ERC PROF BK RC550 .A74 2006 Check Availability
Armstrong, K., Best, S., & Domenici, P. (2006). Courage after fire: Coping strategies for troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and their families. Berkeley, CA: Ulysses Press.
A practical guide for reintegration into civilian life, this is useful for the former military member, spouse, family and potential employers. Adult.

ERC NONPRNT U21.5.M875 2005 Check availability
Brats: Our journey home. (2005). Eatonton, GA: Brats Without Borders, Inc.
Based on poignant and provocative interviews with adult brats of all ethnicities, Brats is the first non-fiction film to explore this peculiar subculture from the child's point-of-view. Features interviews with Kris Kristofferson and General H. Norman Schwartzkopf. (DVD, 90 min.) Adult.

ERC NON PRNT U766.B72 2009 Check Availability
Brats raw. (2009). Eatonton, GA: Brats Without Borders, Inc.
Raw footage of Kristofferson's and Schwartzkopf's interviews for Brats: Our journey home. (DVD, 68 min.) Adult.

ERC PROF BK UH629.3 .C36 2007 Check Availability
Cantrell, B.C. & Dean, C. (2007). Once a warrior: wired for life. Seattle, WA: WordSmith Books.
This book illustrates how to turn negatives into positives and assists our highly trained military personnel in utilizing their tremendous potential in achieving success and happiness after their release from military service. Adult.

ERC PROF BK RC971 .C553 2011 Check Availability
Cifu, D.X. (2011). Overcoming post-deployment syndrome: A six-step mission to health. New York: DemosHealth.
Drawing from and integrating Eastern, Western, and pop culture philosophies, this is a wellness handbook that will take an individual from the problems of post-deployment through the journey of healing to preparation for the next mission: the successful life earned. Adult.

ERC NON PRNT U21.5 .C87 2009 Check Availability
Curtis, M. (2009). Growing up military: "Every brat has a story", vol. 1. Lexington, KY: CreateSpace.
These are memories of adults who grew up as a dependent of the U.S. Military, submitted by members of the Military Brats Registry. Adult.

ERC PROF BK UB403 .D65 2013 Check Availability
Domenici, P., Best, S., & Armstrong, K. (2013). Courage after fires for parents of service members: Strategies for coping when your son or daughter returns from deployment. Oakland, CA: Harbinger Publications.
Acknowledges the contribution and sacrifices made by parents and offers guidance for facing post-deployment challenges while taking care of self. Adult.
Educator's guide to the military child during deployment.
Sponsored by the Educational Opportunities Directorate of the Department of Defense, this booklet is the result of their collaboration with the National Center for Child Traumatic Stress, UCLA, Duke University and Los Angeles Unified School District and offers strategies for teachers to use with students whose parents are deployed. Professional.

ERC PROF BK BF698.35 .R47 G743 2015 Check Availability
Greitens, E. (2015). Resilience: Hard-won wisdom for living better life. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
This collection of letters Greitens wrote to a former SEAL comrade includes his own experience and wisdom from ancient and modern thinkers to be a guidebook on how to build purpose, confront pain, practice compassion, develop a vocation, find a mentor, create happiness, and much more. Professional.

ERC PROF BK UB403 .H35 2016 Check Availability
Hall, L.K. (2016). Counseling military families: What mental health professionals need to know, 2nd ed. New York: Routledge.
Excellent for mental health professionals to use to understand the intense pressures of military life. Professional.

ERC PROF BK U21.2 .H43 2002a Check Availability
Hedges, C. (2002). War is a force that gives us meaning. New York: Anchor Books/Random House.
A veteran New York Times war correspondent's complex, moving and thought-provoking reflection on how life is lived most intensely in times of war. Adult.

ERC PROF BK RA788 .H45 2014 Check Availability
Helmer, D.A. (2015). Sex after service: A guide for military service members, veterans, and the people who love them. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield.
A guide to human sexuality questions for military men and women who are returning from war. Adult.

ERC PROF BK UB357 .H55 2013 Check Availability
Hill, J, Lawhorne-Scott, C., & Philpott, D. (2013). Life after the military: A handbook for transitioning veterans. London: Rowman & Littlefield.
This book covers a wide range of issues that transitioning veterans are faced with, as well as discusses the emotional and psychological challenges that come with leaving the military and settling into life as a civilian. Adult.

ERC PROF BK RC550 .H64 2010 Check Availability
Hoge, C.W. (2010). Once a warrior always a warrior: navigating the transition from combat to home including combat stress, PTSD, and mTBI. Guilford, CT: GPP Life.
An essential handbook for returning war veterans, their spouses, partners and family members, written by a retired U.S. Army colonel who directed the U.S. military's premiere research program on the mental health and neurological effects of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq from 2002 to 2009 at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. Adult.

ERC PROF BK U716 .K45 2000 Check Availability
Keller, M.M. (2000). The military child: mobility and education. Bloomington, IN: Phi Delta Kappa Educational Foundation.
This 37 page booklet addresses many of the educational needs and issues of a child whose parent is in the military. Adult.

ERC PROF BK UC74 .L39 2013 Check Availability
Lawhorne-Scott, C. & Pilpott, D. (2013). Military finances: personal money management for service members, veterans, and their families. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.
A one-stop guide to navigating the many financial issues facing today's military while serving, when preparing for transition or retirement, and during their past military lives and careers. It covers general financial planning along with many specific aspects of money management vital to military members and their families. Professional.

ERC PROF BK RC550 .M38 2007 Check Availability
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The military family: A practice guide for human service providers. (2000). Westport, CT: Praeger.
A primer for civilian human service providers who, due to outsourcing and privatization of many services, increasingly find themselves responsible for issues involving the care and support of members of the military and their families. Professional.

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Morris, M.C. (2010). Once a brat, always a brat. Everett, WA: Vanilla Heart Publishing.
Morris recounts her life as the child of an Army Officer, living overseas from 1938-1958. Adult.

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Now: Rape in the military. (2008). New York: PBS Home Video.
An updated weekly news magazine report that focuses on women who have been victimized while serving in the military. (DVD, 15 min.) Adult.

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This book delves into the history of PTSD and details current PTSD experiences and treatments, taking readers into the minds of PTSD-affected veterans. Professional.

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Stories and advice from military families about reunion after a deployment. Adult.

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Pavlicin, K.M. (2003). Surviving deployment: A guide for military families. Saint Paul, MN: Elva Resa Publishing.
From the call to duty through heartwarming reunions, this comprehensive, personal guide helps U.S. active duty and reserve military families turn a challenging deployment into a positive, rewarding experience. Personal stories, practical ideas, and checklists help readers know what to expect and how to communicate effectively, manage financial changes, and guide children through the experience. Has received nationwide kudos from military spouses, parents, and support organizations. Adult.

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Petty, K. (2009). Deployment: strategies for working with kids in military families. St. Paul, MN: RedLeaf Press.
This comprehensive handbook is for civilians and military personnel who work with or care for children who experience separation through deployment, death, or divorce. It contains theory-based, practice-driven strategies for handling separation and helping young through elementary-aged children move forward and live full lives. Professional.

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Narratives of mothers who sent their sons and daughters to fight in the Iraq War. Adult.

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Ritter, M. (2005). The brat chronicles: stories from the demilitarized zone. Seattle, WA:
Memoir of Ritter's experience growing up as a high schooler near Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany in 1972. Adult.

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Sloane, L.B. (2008). After the war zone: A practical guide for returning troops and their families. New York: Da Capo Press.
An essential resource for service members their spouses, families and communities, sharing what troops really experience during deployment and back home. Discusses the most common after-effects of war and offers strategies for troop reintegration to daily life, the authors cover the myths and realities of homecoming; reconnecting with spouse and family; anger and adrenaline; guilt and moral dilemmas; and PTSD and other mental health concerns. Professional.

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A practical, compassionate guide to help military couples cope with the separation of active deployment. Professional.

ERC NON PRNT UB357 .V54 1983 (VHS) Check Availability
ERC NON PRNT DS559.8 .P7 V53 (DVD) Check Availability
Vietnam requiem. (1983). Los Angeles, CA: Direct Cinema.
Five men, each decorated for valor in Vietnam, are interviewed from prison where they are now serving time for crimes committed since their return from the war. Focuses particularly on Albert Dobbs, showing family photos and newsreel footage, and presenting his recollections as well as those of his family and a fellow soldier. Expresses the self-destructive forces set in motion by the horror of war and disillusioning homecomings. (VHS, 58 min.) Adult.

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First published in 1991, Wertsch interviewed 80 adult "brats" and offers her analysis of the dark themes underscoring life as a military dependent. Adult.