Art Education

Included here are materials to use in either teaching Art or providing an art experience in the classroom.

Materials are arranged under the following headings:
  • Art Appreciation
  • Art Education
  • Cross Curricular Applications
  • Websites

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Art Appreciation

ERC NON PRNT NA712 .F7 F73 2004 Check Availability
Frank Lloyd Wright. (1998). Alexandria, VA: PBS Home Video.
Ken Burns' documentary about the most controversial and talented American architect working in the 1900's. (DVD, 2 1/2 hours). Gr. 9-up.

ERC NON PRNT N6923 .L33 L46 2005 Check Availability
Leonardo da Vinci. (2005). Coppell, TX: Nest Entertainment.
Examines the life of the master artist and scientist. (DVD, 30 min.) Gr. K-3.

ERC NON PRNT TR790 .T472 2003 Check Availability
Through the lens. (2003). Washington, D.C.: A National Geographic Television and FIlm Production.
Profiles nine "adventure" photographers and examines how they are able to capture such difficult subjects as whale sharks, molten volcanoes, Mount Everest, and untouched pre-Inca tombs. (DVD, 47 min.) Gr. 9- adult.

Art Education

ERC NON PRNT LB1187 .C646 1995 Check Availability
Color Paddles. (1995). Vernon Hills, IL: Learning Resources.

ERC NON PRNT ND1488 .C58 2002 Check Availability
Color Wheel. (2002) Philomath, OR: The Color Wheel Company.

ERC PROF BK N350 .H86 2008 Check Availability
Hume, H.D. (2008). The art teacher's survival guide for elementary and middle schools. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
An all-in-one resource for grades K-8. Includes art history, multicultural art, ceramics, printmaking, digital media, and other mediums. Professional.

ERC PROF BK N363 .H86 2014 Check Availability
Hume, H.D. (2014). The art teacher's survival guide for secondary schools, 2nd ed. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
This book is an all-in-one resource for secondary school art teachers. Everything from daily tasks to large-scale projects are covered. Professional.

ERC NON PRNT LB1029.T6 R35 2003 Check Availability
Rainbow color cones (Smart Snacks). (2003). Vernon Hills, IL: Learning Resources.
A scooper dooper way to learn colors. (realia). Gr. Toddler-K.

ERC NON PRNT N4035 .L5 Check Availability
Reinhold Visuals: Aids for Art Teaching. (1968). New York: Reinhold Book Corp.
Each themed portfolio contains art prints with descriptive text on the back and a teacher's guide.
  • Portfolio 1: Line
  • Portfolio 2: Mass
  • Portfolio 3: Organization
  • Portfolio 4: Surface
  • Portfolio 5: Color
  • Portfolio 6: Movement
  • Portfolio 7: Perception
  • Portfolio 8: Space
  • Portfolio 9: Light
  • Portfolio 10: Fantasy & Illusion

Cross-Curricular Applications

ERC PROF BK N8222 .M375 B47 2014eb Check Availability
Berry, J.K. & McNeilly, L. (2014). Map art lab. Beverly, MA: Quarry Books.
This fun and creative book features 52 map-related art activities. Gr. 5-up.

ERC PROF BK QA19 .A78 W36 2011 Check Availability
Ward, R.A. (2011). Math + Art = fun : Activities for discovering mathematical magic in modern art.
(2011). Houston, TX: Bright Sky Press.
This colleciton of creative activities introduces children to Modern Art masters such as Calder, Dali, Kandinsky, Warhol, and others. It provides an eye-opening understanding of important math concepts. Gr. 4-8.


Art Project powered by Google
View art from 17 major museums from around the world, as you zoom in, create and share your own collection of masterpieces.
Virtual tour of the interior of the Sistine Chapel, featuring artwork by Michaelangelo.