American Sign Language, Sign Language Interpretation & Deaf Education

Located here are materials useful for learning American Sign Language and learning how to do sign language interpretation. Click on "Check Availability" for a link to the Library Catalog.

Subdivisions used on this page:
  • Biographies
  • Cochlear Implants
  • Deaf Culture
  • Dictionaries
  • Interpreting
  • Learning ASL
  • Oral Education
  • Sign Language for Adults
  • Sign Language for Children

Check for suggestions of teacher resource materials and books to use in the classroom:


ERC NON PRNT HV1624.K4 H45 2005 Check Availability
Helen Keller (2005). Coppell, TX: Nest Entertainment.
Animated biography of the inspirational lecturer who was left deaf and blind by a childhood disease. (DVD, 30 min.) Gr. K-3.

Cochlear Implants

ERC NON PRNT RF305 .S68 2001 Check Availability
Sound and fury. (2000). New York: Aronson Film Associates.
This Academy Award-nominated film follows an extended family with deaf and hearing members across three generations, as they wrestle with whether or not to implant a cochlear implant in their child. (DVD, 80 min.) Adult.

Deaf Culture

ERC NON PRNT HV2474.B57 1992 Check Availability
DeBee, J.R. (1992). Bird of a Different Feather/For a Decent Living. San Diego: Dawn Pictures.
Contains 2 original signed ASL narratives based on the deaf experience. "Bird of a Feather" by Ben Bahan explores the experiences of a different-looking bird within a family of eagles. "For a Decent Living" by Sam Supalla is a novella in which the protagonist is a deaf boy on a journey to find his deaf identity. (VHS, 77 min., guide).

ERC NON PRNT PN1995.9.D35 E94 2005 Check Availability
Gamache, K. (2005). The Eyeth Story. American Fork, Utah: Eye-Sign Media.
A film whose narrative reveals the issues of the differences between the hearing and deaf cultures. A literary piece created for the deaf community, advanced ASL students, and ASL literacy students. (DVD, 72 min., no captions, student worksheets)

ERC NON PRNT HV2380.S44 2001 Check Availability
Holcomb, T.K., & Mindess, Amanda. (2001). See What I Mean: Differences Between Deaf and Hearing Cultures. Portland, OR: Eye2Eye Productions.
The differences between Deaf and hearing cultures are presented in this video with a humorous spin. Miss Deaf Manners and Miss Hearing Manners guide you through issues such as attitudes toward time, leave-taking, privacy, giving and receiving criticism, and comments on personal appearance from both cultures' perspectives. (DVD, 45 min, teacher guide.) Adult.


ERC NON PRNT HV2475.A44 1999 Check Availability
Sternberg, M.L.A. (1999). The American Sign Language Dictionary on CD-ROM. Seattle: Multicom.
This interactive ASL dictionary helps learners build fingerspelling, view over 2600 signs with video demonstrations, learn about the history of ASL, and checks learners' understanding with one or two player concentration games and quizzes. (CD-ROM). Adult.


ERC NON PRNT HV2474.A43 1980 Check Availability
American Sign Language: A Student Text. Silver Spring, MD: Sign Media.
This series is designed to help students acquire conversational ASL. Each unit focuses on a specific grammatical feature of ASL. Then, a dialogue follows using that grammatical feature. (VHS, 180 min.)
  • Units 1-9
  • Units 10-18
  • Units 19-27

ERC NON PRNT HV2474.B41 1991 Check Availability
The Beginning American Sign Language Videocourse. Salem, OR : Sign Enhancers.
Combining humor, culture, grammar, practice and fun, this is a functional approach to teach ASL and apply it to real-world drama. (15 VHS, 670 min.)
  • Lesson 1. Meet the Bravo family, morning routine signs (40 min.)
  • Lesson 2. Breakfast with the Bravos, breakfast & dining signs (40 min.)
  • Lesson 3. Where's the TV remote? Household signs (30 min.)
  • Lesson 4. Let's go food shopping! Food signs (40 min.)
  • Lesson 5. Review & practice session, lessons 1-4 (60 min.)
  • Lesson 6. Read any good fingers lately? (35 min.)
  • Lesson 7. A school daze (40 min.)
  • Lesson 8. A school daze-- the sequel (45 min.)
  • Lesson 9. Dollar signs (50 min.)
  • Lesson 10. Review & practice session, lessons 6-9 (60 min.)
  • Lesson 11. Playing in the park (45 min.)
  • Lesson 12. The doctor is in! (45 min.)
  • Lesson 13. Business as unusul (45 min.)
  • Lesson 14. Let's go clothes shopping (40 min.)
  • Lesson 15. Review & practice session, lessons 11-14 (65 min.)

ERC NON PRNT HV2474.B786 2005 Check Availability
Bruce, T. (2005). ASL Role Shifting: "he said, she said". Snohomish, WA: Steamboat Productions.
Learn ASL storytelling techniques such as developing a story's characters, using role shift, eye gaze and spatial referencing, identifying speakers, shifting between speakers, matching speaker's affect, and understanding the difference between storytelling and discourse. Signed in ASL, there is no sound or captions. (DVD, 90 min.).

ERC NON PRNT HV2474.A85 2005 Check Availability
Cassell, J.D. (2005). ASL Practice Series. San Diego: American Sign Language Productions.
Module technique teaches various skills pertaining to ASL and Sign Language Interpreting. (8 DVDs, 280 min.)
  • A. English idioms : 'getting your ducks in a row' (40 min.) * B. ASL vocabulary (40 min.)
  • C. Vocabulary, affect & structure (45 min.)
  • D. ASL sentences (30 min.)
  • E. ASL mini-stories (45 min.)
  • F. ASL stories (30 min.)
  • G. ASL dialogues (25 min.)
  • H. Funny bones (25 min.)

ERC NON PRNT HV2402.R65 1993 Check Availability
English, M.A. (1993). Role of the Interpreter in a Chemical Dependency Treatment Program. Minneapolis, MN: Fairview Riverside Medical Center.
A lecture on the role of the interpreter in the recovery and counseling of chemically-dependent deaf persons. (VHS, 57 min.)

ERC NON PRNT HV2474.P93 1998 Check Availability
Grant MacEwan Community College Instructional Media & Design Department. (1998). Pursuit of ASL: Interesting Facts Using Classifiers. Edmonton: Interpreting Consolidated.
Angela Petrone Straighty, a native signer, presents short passages containing classifiers in a variety of contexts. (DVD, 60 min.)
  • Air fresheners: how to make your home smell nice (2:20) * Bacteria: kinds of bacteria (1:11)
  • Bats: what do bats look like? (1:59)
  • Bones: how are bones joined? (1:09)
  • Bruises: how do bruises form? (1:04)
  • Contact lenses: how do you find lost lenses? (0:39)
  • Cotton candy: how is it made (1:19)
  • Dizziness: why do we get dizzy? (1:12)
  • Dogs: why do dogs behave that way? (3:11)
  • Eye pupils: what do they do? (1:16) -- Eyebrows: why do we have them? (1:09)
  • Fingers: why do we have fingers? (1:09)
  • Fish: hints for buying fresh fish (0:50)
  • Hair: what makes our hair curly or straight? (1:43) * Hanging pictures: how to hang pictures evenly (1:28) -- Keys: how do keys open locks? (1:18)
  • Light bulb: how do light bulbs work? (0:56)
  • Magic: how is the woman sawed in half? (1:13)
  • Mice: what do mice do? (1:28) -- Nerves: how do nerves work in the body? (0:52)
  • Nylon stockings: different uses of nylons (2:24)
  • Octopus: how do octopi protect themselves? (1:24) -- Oranges: different uses of oranges (2:16)
  • Paint cans: what's inside used cans? (0:53)
  • Pencils: how are pencils manufactured? (1:27)
  • Photocopiers: how do photocopying machines work? (1:10) * Portholes: why aren't portholes square? (0:57)
  • Scabs: how do scabs form? (1:21)
  • Showers: how does water reach the top of the shower? (0:43)
  • Storage jars: hints for organizing small objects (0:56)
  • Teeth: what happens to baby teeth? (1:03)
  • Toilet: how do toilets flush? (1:11)
  • Tongue: how do we taste? (2:03)
  • Velcro: how was Velcro invented? (1:38)
  • Wrinkles: How do wrinkles form? (0:59)

ERC NON PRNT HV2404.I564 2004 Check Availability
Interpreter Discourse: English To ASL Expansion. (2004). Rochester, NY: Rochester Institute of Technology.
Includes printable articles that introduce the concepts of expansion and compression, source language sentences and texts that allow for incorporating expansion or compression features into the target language, model interpretations of source language sentences and texts, and printable transcripts of all spoken English texts. (CD-ROM)

ERC NON PRNT HV2402.I58 1985 Check Availability
Interpreter Model Series. (1985). Silver Spring, MD: Sign Media, Inc. Features Betty Colonomos and Sharon Neumann Solow interpreting segments of unrehearsed lectures in American Sign Language. (2 VHS, 111 min.) * pt. 1 -- ASL - English lectures (52 min.) * pt. 2 -- English - ASL lectures (59 min.)

ERC NON PRNT HV2402.I58 1996 Check Availability
Interpreter Practice Materials. (1996). Burtonsville, MD: Sign Media, Inc.
This set of DVDs provide clips on the type of interactions that interpreters commonly face: one-on-one interactions, small group instruction, and lectures before a large group. The camera focuses on the interpreter's perspective of each scenario, whether interpreting for Deaf or hearing presenters. (33 VHS, 990 min.)

  • tape O-1. Negotiating an auto loan * tape O-2. Meeting with a funeral director
  • tape O-3. Interviewing a prospective tenant
  • tape O-4. Giving a medical case history
  • tape O-5. Meeting a dog trainer
  • tape O-6. Meeting with a sales representative
  • tape O-7. Interviewing a real estate agent
  • tape SM-1. U.S. post office safety meeting
  • tape SM-2. Planning a protest demonstration
  • tape S-1. Urban planning
  • tape S-2. Environmental activism
  • tape S-3. Homicide and criminal justice
  • tape S-4. Combating racism among teenagers
  • tape S-5. Berlitz an introduction and overview
  • tape S-6. Aids overview & prevention
  • tape S-7. U.S. golfers association
  • tape S-8. American athletic association of the deaf
  • tape S-9. ASL in the education of deaf children
  • tape S-10. An introduction to deaf people
  • tape S-11. ADA and interpreters
  • tape S-12. Aids overview & prevention
  • tape C-1. Urban planning
  • tape C-2. Environmental activism
  • tape C-3. Homicide and criminal justice
  • tape C-4. Combating racism among teenagers
  • tape C-5. Berlitz an introduction and overview
  • tape C-6. Aids overview & prevention
  • tape C-7. U.S. golfers association
  • tape C-8. American athletic association of the deaf
  • tape C-9. ASL in the education of deaf children
  • tape C-10. An introduction to deaf people
  • tape C-11. ADA and interpreters
  • tape C-12. Aids overview & prevention

ERC NON PRNT HV2474.I58 1994 Check Availability
Interpreting Practice Videotape with Modeling. (1994). Salem, OR: Sign Enhancers, Inc.
This set of VHS provides practice videos with modeled interpretations as well. These voice-to-sign interpretations range in difficulty throughout the series including simple sentences, mini stories, stories, dialogues, and ASL jokes. (7 VHS, 220 min.)

  • 6B. ASL sentences (Voice to Sign) (20 min.)
  • 6C. More ASL Sentences (Voice To Sign) (45 min.)
  • 6D. Sentences (Sign To Voice) (30 min.)
  • 6E. Mini-Stories (45 min.)
  • 6F. Stories (30 min.)
  • 6G. Dialogues (25 min.)
  • 6H. ASL Funny Bones (25 min.)

ERC NON PRNT HV2402.H86 2007 DVD Check Availability
Humphrey, J. (2007). So You Want to be an Interpreter? Study Guide, 4th ed. Seattle, WA: H & H Publishing Co.
This study guide contains guided learning activities, study questions and supplemental video slips to enrich the learning journey of students in diverse learning environments. (5 CD-ROMs)

ERC NON PRNT HV2474 .H862 2004 Check Availability
Learning American sign language (DVD). (2004). Boston, MA: Pearson.
This DVD supports the text Learning American Sign Language: Levels I & II, Beginning & intermediate, 2nd ed. It features new contemporary characters who effectively demonstrate all of the conversations and important structures -- bringing life to the signs in the text. (DVD, 70 min.) Professional.

ERC NON PRNT PS3562.E47 T74 2006 Check Availability
Lentz, E.M. (2006). The Treasure: Poems. San Diego: InMotionPress.
Deaf poet Ella Mae Lentz signs poems in ASL, with commentary on what it means to be deaf and on the importance of ASL as a means of communication. (DVD, 50 min.)

ERC NON PRNT BF724.3.D47 C46 1993 Check Availability
Oberg, L. (1993). Choices, Strategies for Everyday Living. Minneapolis, MN: Fairview Riverside Medical Center.
A lecture on strategies for teaching problem-solving skills to deaf adolescents. (VHS, 50 min.)

Viewpoints Series (Sign Interpreters). (2006) [Eden Prairie, MN] : Sign Enhancers: American Sign Language Productions.
Consists of interviews with various deaf individuals on topics relevant to the deaf community. Each individual offers personal opinions and experiences on each topic. (DVD, 57 min. each)

Learning ASL

Also check on the Games tab to the right for games housed in the non-print area.

ERC NON PRNT HV2476 .B377 2009 Check Availability
Barron's 500 Flash Cards of American Sign Language. (2009). Hauppauge, NY: Barron's Educational Services.
Close-up color photos show a model signing words in ASL. Correct formation of hand shapes is emphasized to eliminate confusion and enable the reader to communicate more effectively.

ERC NON PRNT HV2474 .E279 2007 Check Availability
Easy Sign Language. (2007). South San Francisco, CA: Selectmedia Entertainment.
Interactive DVD that demonstrates meetings & greetings, the manual alphabet, fingerspelling words & numbers, everyday communication skills, home and family, emergency situations and open captions. (DVD, 45 min.). Adult

ERC NON PRNT HV2474 .L363 2010 Check Availability
Language Learning ASL. (2010). ??: Laser Publ. Group.
Self-paced system for learning how to sign. (CD-ROM). All ages.

ERC NON PRNT HV2476.4 .Q85 2007 Check Availability
QuickStart American Sign Language. (2007). San Francisco, CA: Selectsoft.
This is an interactive program that teaches a simple way to learn ASL. Includes meetings and greetings, manual alphabet, home and family, emergency situations, everyday communication, fingerspelling words and numbers, and open captions. (CD-ROM)

Oral Education

ERC NON PRNT HV2430 .D732 2004 Check Availability
Dreams Made Real: Into the Mainstream. (2004). Palo Alto, CA: Oral Deaf Education.
Two documentaries about teaching deaf children to speak and listen. Intended for parents. (DVD, 83 min.; VHS, 80 min.; guide book, flyer, brochure). Adult
  • Also available in Spanish: Suenos realizados.

ERC NON PRNT HV2430 .M35 2000 Check Availability
Make a Joyful Noise: An Information Kit for Parents of Children Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. (2000). Denver, CO: The Oberkotter Foundation Film Project.
Film shows how deaf children can learn to speak and listen through oral deaf education. (VHS, 60 min., closed captioned, handbook). Adult
  • For more information about deaf education or to stream Oberkotter Foundation Oral Education videos from their website for free:

ERC NON PRNT HV2530 .T57 2007 Check Availability
Through deaf eyes. (2007). Washington DC: WETA.
This documentary explores almost 200 yeas of deaf life in America and presents a broad range of perspectives on what it means to be deaf. It is the story of people and sheds light on events that have shaped deaf lives: the creation of schools for the deaf, the debate about ASL, the campaign for the TTY, the fight for a deaf president at Galludet University, and some very loud rock and roll music. (DVD, 120 min, not rated).

Sign Language for Children

ERC NON PRNT M1990.C65 S54 2002 Check Availability
Coleman, Rachel. (2002). Signing Time! Songs. Volumes 1-3. Draper, UT: Two Little Hands Productions.
Songs from vols. 1-3 of the video series Signing Time! Each song also in sing-along version. (CD) Infant-PreS

Once Upon a Sign. (2015). San Diego, CA: Dawn Sign Press.
Traditional folktales given new twists. Each is performed by costumed actors signing. (DVD, approx. 25 min., with voice-over and subtitles). PreS-3

ERC NON PRNT HV2474.S567 2001 Check Availability
Sign Language: Pocket Flash Cards. (2001). St. Paul, MN: Trend Enterprises.
Children present 26 basic signs on illustrated flash cards as well as flash cards of the manual ASL alphabet.

Sign Language Storytelling Series. (2009). Norwalk, CT: Weston Woods.
This series of popular children's books, brought to life with original music and voice and sign language, will help all children appreciate the richness of a visual language. Toddler-Gr.4

ERC NON PRNT HV2476 .S54 2007
Signing Time! Video Series. (2007). S.I.: Two Little Hands Productions.
From their magical animated treehouse, Alex and Leah invite infants and children to watch and enjoy as they and all their friends share 18 ASL signs on each production in a fun and playful way. (DVD, 60 min.) Infant-PreS

ERC NON PRNT HV2476 .S54 2007
Signing Time! Series. (2007). Salt Lake City, UT: Two Little Hands.
Read and sign along with Signing Time while learning American sign language. (Board Book) Infant-PreS