Nearly 65 teachers, school librarians and children's librarians from public libraries met on Saturday, Feb. 18th, in the Group Study Room at WSU's Dunbar Library for the 4th Annual Picture Book Extravaganza! The event was co-sponsored by Greene County Public Library, WSU University Libraries and the Charles & Renate Frydman Educational Resource Center. Our thanks go to the N. Fairfield, Beavercreek Barnes & Noble Superstore for selling books in the afternoon.

Enjoying the time to read!

The favorite picture book selected by the group was A Christmas Tree for Pyn by Olivier Dunrea, published by Philomel. (It was a very tight vote, from a long list of nominees from the floor.)

The 2013 Picture Book Extravaganza! is tenatively scheduled for February, 2013.

We are posting our lists so you can recreate your own picture book read-in-type event, or for your own use to keep current on this year's picture books:

2011 Picture Book Extravaganza! Master List

2011 Picture Book Extravaganza! Awards & Honors List

Breakout Session: "Hands on Art! Experiment with 4 Art Mediums That Can Be Found in This Year's Books"

Replicating Mondrian

The optional breakout session this year, "Hands on Art!", led by Stephanie Bange and Kasee Merritt, proved to be a big hit. Try this activity in your classroom or a group of kids or share with your school art teacher. The 4 mediums we played with were: charcoal (apple art), gouache (Kandinsky), Prismacolor pencils (Picasso) and tissue paper collage (Mondrian). It was emphasized that what is important is not the finished product -- it is the process of making the art, having that "art experience". Suggested artwork to replicate is below.